vrijdag 17 oktober 2014

yes! Vacation!

After four really busy weeks it is time for one week of Autumn vacation. Just two days ago I bought a waffle iron (heart shaped!). So I decided Pien and I deserved a tiny treat and made us some waffles. I think we'll watch a movie today because of the rain outside.. Let's have a girls day!

Autumn mail part 3

It took me quite some time but I'm happy to announce (:)) that these two are on their way! Happy autumn girls!

zondag 12 oktober 2014

goodbye old colleagues

Just two weeks ago I had my last day at work and today we finally said goodbye. We met each other at a new bar in Rotterdam called Wunderbar. One of my colleagues said 'Oh this is so Berlin'. We laughed but I must say I somewhat agree with her because of the building and all the new places in the centre. We had a drink and a vegan sausage and went to see a movie. We wanted to see the last one with Philip Seymour Hoffman (A most wanted man) but we were late so we bought a ticket for 'A ten foot journey'. We had a great time and I also feel unfortunate to leave them but some other good things are ahead of me (I hope). 

vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

mini vacation: Veluwe

This weekend we escaped the city and moved to a more nature side of Holland. We stayed at the Veluwe in a small Finnish cabin. Even though Autumn has just started we had some really beautiful sunny days. We went out for a bike ride, a walk with our red car and we spread our blanket in the sand. It's good to clear your head and become at ease every once in a while. Sometimes it's necessary to take some time and just watch a very hairy caterpillar move around :). Pien became really good at standing and holding on to al kinds of things so she can move while up straight. On sunday M took part in a trail marathon at the National Park de Hoge Veluwe and he did great!! Yes, it was a very nice weekend with the three of us! 

woensdag 1 oktober 2014

last week's incoming mail

My to-do pile is still growing but when I hear the mailman deliver something for us I'll just pause everything for a quick mailbox check! Last week I received these really beautiful letters by Corey, Anne and Dasha. Singapore, the Netherlands and Russia! Sweet Corey drew me this really cute and beautiful portrait of Pien. This was really special. She also sent me a small birthday card for Pien. Again, thank you thank you thank you!! I'll keep this in her photo album ;). And it's funny because Dasha and I manage to communicate at least once a season due to the slow mail system between our countries. This time she sent me some tea. Thank you all! I hope to get back to you as soon as possible!