dinsdag 31 juli 2012

nature in the city

With a backpack full of vegetables and fruits I drove my way home from the market. Although Rotterdam vanishes in white clouds today I found a bit of sunshine, some flourishing nature between the streets. What a lovely field of flowers!

zondag 29 juli 2012

let's stay inside

This is what you call a lazy sunday.. we baked some bread, washed our clothes, read some books and did more of nothing.. a lovely lazy day!

zaterdag 28 juli 2012

a message from Doesburg

A very quick reply! I love the maps for different walks along parks and other natural areas, lovely! Good ones for autumn days.

vrijdag 27 juli 2012


Yesterdag I've started a new project: postcrossing. It's a fun way to receive and send postcards from (and to) people all over the world. I like the idea that you're not able to select certain people, this enables you to send a warm hello to any person :) These are postcards I've send. Now I have to wait until my cards arrive and some one from somewhere in the world will send me a card! You can join postcrossing (by signing up here) if you love to receive some nice mail in your mailbox :)
1. On it's way to Germany
2. On it's way to China
3. On it's way to Finland
4. On it's way to Russia

donderdag 26 juli 2012

dear sunshine

Oh dear sunshine.. this has been a week full of summer. After work we went to the beach for a walk along the shore. M. even went for a swim!

woensdag 25 juli 2012

a message from Doesburg

Yes! A new letter in my mailbox! Thanks Rins :) I like the envelope she's made herself. A good way to recycle beautiful pieces of paper. A new letter is coming your way!

dinsdag 24 juli 2012


Another hot day in the city! San and I went to the market and came home with bags full of delicious spices, vegetables and fruits. After lunch we tried out the fresh jasmin tea Karen gave me last year from China. It's really beautiful to see how the flower expands in hot water :) and of course it tastes delicious!

maandag 23 juli 2012

summer at the park

'Let's get out there and start getting dark' (An African man once told me). So we did. Yvon and I stayed at the park from 2 pm till 10 pm. Our men joined us after work with a bbq and a healty tajine :) What a perfect day!

zondag 22 juli 2012

sunny sunday

What a day! Finally a warm day (all day!). This morning we played some minigolf near one of the city parks, we've visited the Euromast for a fantastic clear panoramic view and later we played shithead (a cards game) in our park! A perfect sunny sunday :)

zaterdag 21 juli 2012

box of papers

Yes. A nice box has arrived at my door today! Full with these nice notebooks and blue paper, beautiful. The Travel Journal is such a nice notebook. It is made out of different pieces of paper and has small envelopes between the pages for the travel treasures :)

vrijdag 20 juli 2012

the sun and a 365 days project

Just when we thought summer was already over, the sun started to shine! I visited Boijmans van Beuningen with Janneke but it wasn't that interesting (unfortunately)! Instead we sat on the terras at Hopper for a bowl of soup and a glass of wine :) When I came home I decided to start a new blog with a 365 days project about the sky. You can visit the blog by clicking here. 

donderdag 19 juli 2012

goodmorning Rotterdam

Waking up with a soy latte and a good sandwich down at Lokaal. We already miss Paris where we visited nice cafes every day!

woensdag 18 juli 2012

cleaning out

Today I cleaned out my desk and folded new envelopes out of paper leftovers. I had these papers for ages in almost every drawer in the room.. Now let's send some mail :)

maandag 16 juli 2012

Paris huit

Our last day already.. We decided to spend our last day in Paris in Parc Monceau with a breakfast picnic and our books. I guess the sun finally found us! M. is reading Marcel Möring's Dis and I'm reading Carlos Ruiz Zafón's Shadow of the wind. Now let's enjoy our last 5 Frenchy hours 

zondag 15 juli 2012

Paris sept

We started our day with a visit at Versaille.. We've only seen the amazing garden because of the crowdedness.. We took a nap in the garden and headed back to Le Marais in search of another nice restaurant! We found this sweet store called Bonton which is more a luxury children's store but also with nice accessories. Finally we found the Italian restaurant Grazie. I like the old walls and black interior and the amazing pizza oven and great bar! I think this was the best restaurant we've visited in Paris and this was probably the best pizza I ever ate! So, if you're in the neighbourhood... :)