woensdag 23 oktober 2013

outgoing messages

This week's outgoing mail: Rinske, Anne and Corey!

zaterdag 19 oktober 2013

magical forest

Finally we were able to go for a walk in the forest. In this time of year the woods are so incredibly beautiful. All the Autumn colors, the moss, the mushrooms and the leaves. Also this is one of our favorite places for a walk, the Mastbos in Breda. In 1505 the forest was 'built' by a Dutch count and they named the forest Mast because they created lots of ship masts of the pines they'd planted there. Now it's a wide variety of beech trees, oaks and pines. A really beautiful place for a good Autumn walk :)

dinsdag 15 oktober 2013

incoming & outgoing

Again, I received a lot of mail last week :) Reading and writing letters on rainy Autumn days is such a well spent time! Dear Corey made sweet little Autumn drawings and even one of me & Maarten :) So sweet!!! Thank you! Other incoming messages are from my mom (Turkey), Anne (Breda) and Rinske (Doesburg). I was able to answer Anni and Anne, hope to catch up this upcoming week!

vrijdag 11 oktober 2013

outgoing messages

These rainy Autumn days are perfect for writing letters! With a cup of tea and the cosiness of Pien and the cats I managed to send out these four letters this week :D The other ones will probably go out next week! 

dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

my happy mailbox items from last month

Now that Pien is 1 month old I think I got the rythm and the time management to do other things as well :) In between baths, naps, walks, cuddles, plays and feedings I found the time to open all the mail I received lately. Thank you Anne, Daria, Anni, Elina and Rinske for your letters!! I try to answer them as soon as possible ;)