vrijdag 31 januari 2014

Word of the day

Time has gone by so quickly, that's the result of being a new mum :) though, and unfortunately my second 365 days project about the grounds did not make it through because of a big gap in my collected grounds. But because I really love these projects, I decided it was time for a new one. I made a big jar with 365 written words and every morning I pick out one word. This word will be the subject of the photo, so there is a challenge everyday in every photo ;). I asked my mum to join me so you will see two photo's every day. You can follow or visit the project here: word of the day

donderdag 30 januari 2014

meanwhile on Instagram

I'm still a big Instagram fan because it's so easy to use and I love these photo's :). If you're an Instagrammer as well you can follow me at @mickey_minou.

1. letter to Anni
2. my birthday cake (blueberries)
3. fresh apple-ginger-celery juice
4. my living room
5. where I'm at

dinsdag 28 januari 2014

one of my favorite stores

Everytime I walk in on one of the Paperchase stores I end up with a few new items :). Somehow I can't resist the temptation! Today I ended up with this really nice wrapping paper with clouds and a box of beautiful letter stamps! I absolutely love this font and of course I'm more than happy to use them :D.

vrijdag 17 januari 2014

outgoing mail

Wow. It's not every day that I'm able to write a letter in the morning but this morning I succeeded! Anne, this one is coming your way! 

donderdag 16 januari 2014

outgoing mail

This morning I wrote a letter to Rinske. Normally I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions because I always break them ;) Well, this year I decided it was time for some small resolutions and one of them is uploading my blog more recently! I did finish one resolution already, I finally uploaded our wedding pictures here! I have some more resolutions but I'll keep them silent for now ;) Anyway, this letter is on its way to Rinske. Have a great day!

maandag 13 januari 2014

happy mailbox!

Yes! A new year and two new letters in my mailbox today! Two beautiful items, one from Anne and one from Rinske. Thanks girls!